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See How Lively Mobile With Fall Detection Can Help Seniors Get Help Fast

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See How Lively Mobile With Fall Detection Can Help Seniors Get Help Fast

Many of us know that the risk of falling rises with age. But did you know that falls are the leading cause of injuries, some fatal, for older Americans?

Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated for a fall and more than one in three people age 65 years and older fall each year. Research shows that the mortality rate from fall-related incidents drops to 12%, when the senior can access help in under an hour.

Being prepared in case of a fall is critical.

The Lively Mobile Personal Emergency Response device from GreatCall can help. When worn around the neck, with the specially designed lanyard, the fall detection technology on the Lively Mobile device prepares seniors to get help in any situation.

Fall detection works using a tri-axial accelerometer to evaluate sudden changes in body movement in relation to the user’s physical activity and posture. When a fall is detected, the device will automatically contact a 5Star agent, even if the user isn’t able to communicate. The agent will locate the user using the device’s patented algorithm that is used with GPS technology to locate the senior and send urgent responders if needed.

5Star agents are IAED certified and trained to assist in any situation. They will confirm the user’s location, assess the situation and get them the help they need.

The Lively Mobile is not tethered to a home or hub so it remains connected via cellular service anywhere, allowing users to continue doing the things they love with the peace of mind that someone is there for them 24/7.

Lively Mobile is more than a PERS. It can track trends in activity to help encourage active aging and keep caregivers in the know. The Lively Mobile has a long-lasting battery, is waterproof, and allows for easy two-way communication with 5Star agents.

And it’s connected to the largest and most dependable mobile network.

Falls are common among seniors and can result in serious injuries. It’s important for seniors to be prepared to reach help fast.

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